Get Comfy Without AC

As the weather heats up, we become more desperate for the relief of cooler air in our homes. It becomes more tempting to blast the air conditioning to keep the sweat at bay, but that could result in a much higher energy bill at the end of the month that will have you thinking: was it worth it?

Whether you have an air conditioner or not, we’ve come up with some ways you can cool down on those hot summer days without overworking your unit or paying through the nose for a cooler home.


A fan is a more cost effective way to cool down, but only when used properly. Fans create a cooling sensation on your skin, much like a summer breeze! They cannot, however, lower the actual temperature and are of little use when on in an unoccupied room.

Ceiling fans are a cheap way to make you feel cooler as they cost about $0.01 per hour to run! Just be sure to use them only when you’re in the room to enjoy them!

Curtains & Windows

When the sun is brightly shining into your room, it can quickly increase the temperature and cause you to feel more uncomfortable. This is where your curtains become your best friends! Blackout curtains are made from an extremely tight weave which keeps warm light from passing through and act as insulation to keep cool air in your home.

Windows can be responsible for about 25-35% of your energy bill if not properly sealed. Consider inspecting the seals on your doors and windows and resealing any damaged or old spots.


H2O will be a great tool in keeping cool on a really hot day.


While the thought of taking a cold shower may make your skin tingle, a mildly cold shower on a hot day will cool your body down quickly! If you have a hard time sleeping in the heat, we recommend taking a shower right before bedtime to lower your body temperature enough to drift off to sleep in comfort.


Our bodies rely on water to live. In the summer, we lose a lot more fluids through sweat, meaning it is crucial to increase our water intake.

If you’re not the best at remembering to drink water, consider adding a supplement like Liquid IV to your water to increase the hydration levels.


Your cooking habits could also have an effect on your summer comfort. If you have a grill, try cooking outside more often to avoid heating up the home with your oven and stovetop.

When you do cook inside, be sure to use your ventilation fan to keep the smoke levels down.

Summer salads are a great food to cool down with, as well as popsicles, ice cream, and other frozen treats!


As we mentioned before, sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep when you’re uncomfortable from the heat. Begin by taking a cool shower and then try the following tips!


Change your sheets and bedding from fleece and flannel materials to lighter ones like cotton. Unlike flannel, cotton breathes easier and is more likely to help you cool down.


Even on the hottest days, nighttime temperatures tend to cool down and provide some relief from the hot, hot sun! Crack your window (make sure the A/C is completely off so you don’t waste money!) and enjoy the breeze!

Cool Down in Spanish Fork, UT

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