What’s Wrong With My AC?

As a system we rely on all summer long, our air conditioners are put under a lot of pressure to keep us cool. This stress could mean that, if not cared for properly, your air conditioner will have frequent breakdowns or issues, resulting in costly repairs.

Luckily, as HVAC professionals, we have been able to pinpoint the most common problems homeowners tend to experience when it comes to cooling their homes. And even better, we know how to properly fix them and advise our customers on how to prevent them from happening again in the future.

Read on for the solutions your AC needs to make your home comfortable once again.

Warm Air

The last thing you need on a hot summer day is to walk into your home only to be blasted with more warm air. Your air conditioner is supposed to cool you down, so what is causing it to fail at its main purpose?

This could be due to a dirty air filter, a blocked duct, or an excess of debris in the unit that is causing it to overheat. Solve this by consistently replacing your air filters every few months (bonus, it will increase your air quality). You could also be in need of a refrigerant refill. However, we advise you to wait for a professional to check for leaks so you don’t waste refrigerant and make a bigger mess!

Failure to Start

If your issue is that the AC won’t even kick on, a circuit breaker may have been tripped. It could also be a blown fuse, damaged thermostat, dirty condenser, or a motor issue. Since there could be multiple reasons this is happening, we recommend an HVAC professional take a look to give you a definitive answer.

Strange Smells

Smelling something foul in your house is always a nuisance. A burning smell is likely due to a wiring issue or a clogged air filter causing the system to overheat. If you smell something mustier, there could be mildew or mold growth in the unit caused by improper draining.

Take care of this by once again ensuring your air filters are frequently changed, and by scheduling a duct cleaning. If you’re still experiencing a burning smell after the change, turn off the unit and call in the HVAC team to handle your wiring.


Leaks will not be as obvious to the homeowner as they are usually located within the unit. However, if you notice excessive moisture around the unit or even staining, you know who to call to make the repairs!

Frequent Cycling

Short-cycling means your unit is not completely finishing the cooling cycle and reaching the desired temperature. If your unit is frequently turning on and off, it could put stress on the unit and damage the compressor.

Once again, dirty air filters could be to blame. We can’t stress enough how important a clean filter is to your unit! Another reason for short cycling is a faulty thermostat. Check to see if yours needs new batteries. If this doesn’t solve your issue, give us a call!

AC Repairs in Spanish Fork, UT

If you’re experiencing one or more of these cooling issues in your home, give HRC Climate Services a call at  (801) 373-9440! Our professionals will get your home comfortable again in no time!