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Winter Energy-Saving Tips for Homeowners

This winter don’t let a drop in temperature spike your energy bill. In addition to having your HVAC heating unit serviced to make sure it’s performing efficiently, here a few winter energy-saving tips for  homeowners to make sure you and your home are properly prepared to conserve heat this winter and save on energy costs.

Does Your Home Have a Fireplace?

If your wood-burning fireplace doesn’t have an airtight door, when it’s not in use, the heat your HVAC unit is generating will escape out the chimney. What a waste. Modern fireplaces generally use the air from outside to aid in fire combustion and should be equipped with an airtight door. Older generations of fireplaces use indoor air and should be outfitted with vents that are only opened when there is a fire going. Additional, installing a chimney-top damper will help to prevent heat loss.

Got Drafty Windows?

Heavy or quilted curtains will block drafts if you’re still saving up to replace your leaky windows. Curtains help to make any room cozier in more ways than one. They look nice and help to regulate heat loss as well.

Use Space Heaters Correctly

If you’re trying to save money on energy bills, using space heaters will only work if you lower your thermostat by at least 5 degrees your usual setting in order to offset the electricity usage of the space heater. According to the Department of Energy, every degree equates to 1% of your energy bill.

Let the Sun Work for You

You’ve probably noticed that rooms in your home that get direct sunlight warm up faster when the blinds or curtains are open. Make use of the sun’s energy during the window and open the blinds during the times of direct sunlight and draw the curtains outside of the window of time to lock in that extra heat.

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