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Which Home Appliance Uses the Most Energy?

If you want to reduce yourhome’s energy bills, you must first know which appliances are using the most energy. According to Energy Star, as much as 50 percent of your home ‘s en e rgy costs go toward heating and cooling. This means that by replacing your old, in efficient heating and cooling system with a new HVAC system could potentially save you a bundle of money each month. Water heating is t he next highest energy vampi re, accounting for approximately 14 percent of your annual energy costs. Surprisingly, lighting accounts for nearly 12 percent of your energy costs. If you want to cut back on your annual energy expenses, start by having an experienced HVAC repair company take a look at your heating and cooling system. You should have your air conditioner and furnace inspected and repair as necessary before each season, especially if you live in a climate like that found in Spanish Fork.

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