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Simplifying the Air Conditioner Installation Process

Simplifying the Air Conditioner Installation Process

A new air conditioner installation in Provo can substantially improve the quality and condition of your air, creating a much more comfortable environment. Commercial air conditioning can even increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Read on for help understanding the process of air conditioner installation.


When you call your commercial HVAC service, they will help you begin to plan for your AC installation. There are many factors to consider when it comes to air conditioning; you must decide on a particular product based on factors such as size and efficiency. The size and style of the unit will depend on the location that needs the air conditioning. The efficiency of the air conditioning system can affect your environmental impact as well as the cost of your energy bills.


Your commercial HVAC service will recommend a certain sized unit for your space that can provide high-quality air at an efficient rate. Your unit may be a package system or a split system. The first option bundles the condenser and the fan and coil system together as one “package” that connects to the ducts. A split system, on the other hand, separates the two; the fan and coil system is inside while the condenser is outside. These two are connected by refrigerant bearing pipes. You can work with your commercial air conditioning professionals to decide upon the ideal area for either of these systems to be placed; keep in mind that the condenser unit tends to make noise and requires free airflow.


If you have a furnace that distributes warm air throughout the colder months, these same ducts can be used for your air conditioning system. If you do not already have ducts, you may want to have them installed in your closets or ceilings.

An AC installation is simpler than many people might think. First, you must plan with your AC repair and installation service to determine what you are looking for in terms of size and efficiency. Then, you must choose between a package system and a split system. Finally, you will typically utilize preexisting ducts or have new ducts installed to promote efficient distribution of air.

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