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Signs You Need to Call an AC Repair Company

The hot weather in Utah often reaches its peak in July and August, and if you are not prepared with a functional air conditioning unit, it could be a pretty miserable couple of months for you and your family. While it might be impossible to predict and prevent every single AC emergency in Salt Lake City, you can often see some of the signs of an impending AC disaster before it strikes and act in advance to get the help of an AC repair company. Here are some telltale signs your air conditioner might be on the fritz.

1: It’s Making Strange Noises

All AC units will make noise, and you probably get used to the sounds that it normally makes when it cycles on and off. However, if you start to notice a change in the way that it sounds when it comes on or shuts off, or hear strange noises that you didn’t hear before while it’s running, that could be a sign that there is a problem. This might include:

  • Knocking
  • Growling
  • Squeaking or squealing
  • Rattling

Call an AC repair company in Salt Lake City to come and check these things out right away before they become a more serious problem.

2: You Smell Something Strange

A properly functioning air conditioner will not have any smells, so if you can detect the scent of things like mold or mildew, or you smell burning or other things when it kicks on, this is often an indication of a problem. Try replacing the filter initially, and check for leaks or clogs. If you don’t spot anything obvious, call a repair company to come and check for things like clogs in the drain pan, contamination of the condenser, or dirt in the evaporator.

3: You Notice a Decrease in Cool Airflow

If the air conditioning is coming on but you don’t feel any relief in the temperature inside your home, there could be a problem with the fan or ducts in your system. There might also be an issue with the filter or evaporator coil, or there could be something blocked in the system that is not allowing the cool air to get through. These problems need to be immediately addressed to avoid issues with your AC, not to mention the importance of figuring out what is wrong so you can get that cool air flowing again and have a more comfortable home.

4: Excessive Cycling or Circuit Breaker Issues

If you notice that your air conditioning is frequently cycling on and off (more than normal), or you have a problem with the AC tripping your circuit breakers, you want to have a professional come and inspect the thermostat, check for leaks, and look at potential electrical problems. In the case of the latter, you don’t want to turn the AC on until a professional can examine it so you can avoid serious problems like electrical fires.

Don’t wait until you are uncomfortable and sweating it out because your AC failed—check for these signs and be proactive by calling HRC Climate Services for emergency repairs or maintenance right away.

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