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How Often Should a Technician Look at My Furnace?

As the outside temperature cools, gearing up for the winter should include an accounting of your HVAC unit and system. The last thing you want is to run into problems heating your home in the dead of winter. This is when we get the question: How often should a technician look at my furnace?

How long has it been since your furnace was serviced?

If the answer is, “beats me!” maybe it’s time to call in a technician. Some manufacturers recommend yearly inspections and maintenance and even void their warranties if there’s ever damage resulting from improper (or lack of) maintenance, so as a rule, yearly servicing is recommended and every-other-year servicing is strongly recommended.

What a professional will recommend is also dependent on how old the unit is. Once your unit hits the decade mark, it’s time to pay attention to those yearly checks to avoid major problems.

Can you do any of the maintenance yourself?

Our professional advice is NO. Most technicians will charge you a base rate of about $80 for a maintenance check, but compare that yearly investment to the costs of fixing an even larger problem later on, or the cost of voiding your warranty before making the decision to do any of the servicing yourself.

As in dental care, preventative maintenance is going to treat your bank account (and your teeth) much better than an unexpected root canal.

What CAN you do yourself?

The maintenance you should be doing is changing out or cleaning air filters, testing your humidity, protecting your outdoor units from debris, and scheduling a maintenance check with a professional technician.

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