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Is It Time for a New Furnace?

Newer furnaces are more efficient than outdated models, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should replace your furnace each year. To save both money and energy, it’s important to recognize the most common signs of impending furnace failure. Read the following article to help you decide whether it’s best to opt for a new furnace or furnace repair in Provo.

Frequent Furnace Repairs
After a while, furnace repair in Provo can add up. As furnaces age, they typically start to require repairs at least once a year, and the replacement parts become harder to find. Furnaces experience the most breakdowns in the last two years of their usable lifetime, so if yours is breaking down often, replacing it now will save you money in the long run while increasing your indoor comfort.

Expensive Energy Bills

Furnaces become less efficient as they age, especially if they have not been maintained regularly. If your furnace is running longer to heat your home, your energy bills will increase noticeably. Instead of paying money for higher energy bills, put it towards the cost of a new furnace installation.

Furnace Age
The life expectancy of most furnaces is between 16 and 20 years, according to the Home Energy Center. If your furnace is approaching this age range, start shopping for a furnace replacement before cold weather arrives and you experience furnace failure .

Lackluster Indoor Comfort
If you are always adjusting the thermostat to make your home warmer and more comfortable, it could be that your furnace no longer has the ability to keep you comfortable. If your home is uncomfortably cold and you notice that the air quality is also poor, these are signs that it is time to replace your furnace.

Strange Noises
Older furnaces may make an assortment of unusual noises in the last couple of years of their usable lifetime. If you hear the blower turning on and off constantly, a popping, banging, squealing, or rattling noise, start shopping around for a new furnace.

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