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Indoor Air Quality: How Humid is Too Humid?

Summer in Utah just seems to get hotter and hotter, and August can be the hottest. Your HVAC systems are hard at work keeping your indoor air quality at comfortable temperature and humidity levels, but how efficiently is your system running and how do you know?

Switching Seasons and Systems

Now that we’ve left the colder months behind us, we’ve made the switch from using the furnace to keep us warm to using our central air conditioning systems to keep us cool.

Depending on your system and the level of humidity in the air, those A/C systems will have to work harder to filter out heat from the air. The system you’re using must match the size of your home in order to do the job well. Inefficient systems won’t produce the results you want while costing you more on your utility bills.

Talk to a Professional

The surest way to know what kind of A/C system is best suited for the unique needs of your home and climate is to consult a professional. Give us a call and keep cool this summer while reducing the size of your utility bill.

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