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Indoor Air Quality: Finding Just the Right Humidity Levels

In the summer in Utah, do we really need to worry about humidity levels?

According to one report, average humidity levels in Utah are quite low:

So how does this affect your indoor air quality, or does it?

Did you know that too much humidity in your home will make the temperature feel hotter than it actually is? But in the winter, too little humidity will make it feel colder than it actually is. This means there’s a sweet spot to the amount of humidity you want in your home and the challenge becomes finding that perfect zone and maintaining it. This is where indoor air quality comes into play.

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Summertime Dehumidification? Is this necessary?

In the summer months, it’s recommended by professionals to maintain a humidity level below 60%, but to do that, you may need to remove some of the naturally occurring humidity in your indoor air.

Luckily, according to the above report, Utah average humidity is between 39 and 49%.

Wintertime Humidification

When you’re dealing with naturally occurring low levels of humidity, the winter time will aggravate such physical conditions as:

  • dry skin and nasal passages
  • eye irritation
  • sinus congestion

Additionally, dry air can damage furniture and flooring over the long-term (high humidity can do this too). You may also have to run your furnace at higher temperatures to reach a desired level of comfort, which will hike up your utility bill.

Professionals recommend an indoor humidity level of at least 30%, 40% max, in the winter months. Utah’s humidity levels in the winter months are between 66 and 74%.

Talk to a Professional

Dealing with humidity levels and indoor air quality in Utah can be a tricky thing.

Whether you’re looking to add humidity to your home or decrease it, it’s always best to consult a professional before investing your hard-earned money into a solution that may not be the perfect fit.

Keep cool this summer while reducing the size of your utility bill.

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