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Is Your Furnace Working Properly?

The weather’s cooling off and your home isn’t quite getting warm enough. Here’s how to do a basic inspection to make sure your furnace is working properly.

furnace working properly

If you don’t feel comfortable inspecting your own furnace, don’t hesitate to talk to an HVAC professional for guidance. It’s never a bad idea to get help when your expensive equipment is on the line.

  1. If you haven’t already, switch your thermostat to “heat” and increase the temperature setting. The blower should come on in a minute and start moving the warm air. Ensure that your vents are open and feel for the exiting air. If the temperature doesn’t seem to be changing, or if you can’t feel any air at all, turn the thermostat off and move onto the next step.
  2. Is your thermostat clean? Sometimes a buildup of dust within the thermostat can affect the calibration. If you suspect that a dirty thermostat or one that is in ill repair may be the problem, you may need to replace it or contact your HVAC technician to do so for you. If the thermostat is clean and level, however, move on to step three.
  3. Locate your fuse box and check the circuit breaker that is connected to your furnace. If it’s tripped, that may be your problem right there. Ensure that it is fully off and then switch it back to “on.” If it doesn’t remain in the activated position, there may be a larger electrical problem at work that needs professional attention.
  4. Examine the furnace itself for any obvious signs of a problem, including checking the air filter to make sure it is clean (it should be checked at least every three months).

Depending on the results of your inspection, if the furnace is still not producing hot air, contact a professional to schedule a furnace tune-up before the real cold weather hits. A professional will examine all the duct work for obstructions and unsealed joints in addition to servicing the unit itself.

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