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What Should I Expect During a Furnace Maintenance Check

Regular furnace maintenance checks are best practice for property owners looking to get the most from their investments and their homes. Preventative care is smart in most any application, but when you’ve got expensive equipment like HVAC units on the line, it’s a precaution that can save you thousands.

Depending on the age of your unit, you should be scheduling check-ups at least once every other year to yearly and these will run you anywhere from $80 to $150 dollars each time.

What will the technician do?

There isn’t a standard for what check-list items constitute a “check-up” and the terminology might differ technician to technician. These could be “tune-ups,” “check-ups,” “safety check,” or “annual maintenance check.” Whatever the term the professional uses, here are the most important items that need to be checked off for your peace of mind and the longevity of your unit.

Maintenance Checklist

  1. Vent system check. The entirety of the system should be checked for blockages and leakage.
  2. Combustion gases analysis.
  3. Seal to the blower access door check.
  4. Fresh air intake grills checked for obstructions.
  5. Rust and corrosion check of heat exchanger.
  6. Burners check.
  7. Full check of drainage system, including internal hoses and condensate drain.
  8. Blower wheel cleaned and checked.
  9. Amp-draw test.
  10. Full wiring check.
  11. Routine check of air filters (which is the only part of maintenance an owner may perform themselves).
  12. Air and gas pressure check and testing.
  13. Temperature rise check.

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