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Decoding the Noises Your Furnace Makes

If your furnace is in need of repairs, you may notice some strange sounds coming from your appliance. These noises each indicate a different problem with your furnace. For example, a screeching sound may mean that your furnace motor is about to go out. A clanging noise could be a sign that your furnace is having problems with its pipes. Strange vibrations or whirring noises are another sure sign of a furnace issue. Other sounds, such as chirps, rattles, or pings are natural sounds that are made by your furnace. If you are concerned by the noises coming from your furnace, be sure to contact HRC Heating and Air. Our technicians provide the Provo area with a complete range of top quality air conditioning and furnace repairs. When you schedule a furnace repair appointment with our experts, we will make sure that your system is in great working condition.

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