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How to Fix that One Cold Room in Your House

Is there a cold room in your house that is never the right temperature, it’s too cold no matter your thermostat setting?

This could be for a number of reasons.

Before you install that extra heater, check this common issues first:

cold room in house

  • What’s the state of your air filters? Dirty air filters will restrict airflow to the point that it won’t be able to affect the temperature in the room.
  • Are all the vents open? You’d be surprised how little attention the average person pays their air vents. Make sure they’re open if the temperature level is not to your liking.
  • Are your windows open? If you’re not living in Hawaii, the outside temperature probably isn’t going to be what you want in your open home, so close the windows so that the air your HVAC unit is working so hard to condition stays inside!
  • Are your air ducts in working order? Damaged air ducts will disrupt the even distribution of hot or cold air. You’ll want to make sure there are no kinks or leaks in your ducts.

Once you’ve check off these common issues and determined none of them is at fault, it may be time to talk to an expert about “air balancing” your HVAC system.

The goal of air balancing is to ensure that each room in the home reaches the same temperature in the same amount of time once the unit is switched on.

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