It’s no secret that keeping your HVAC system in good condition is important for the comfort of your home and your wallet. However, many homeowners make common mistakes that can lead to decreased efficiency and increased energy costs. And by the time you notice issues with your HVAC system, it’s often too late. In this blog post, HRC Climate Services will discuss some of the most common HVAC mistakes homeowners make and how to avoid them. Keep reading to learn how you can take care of your HVAC system to ensure your household is comfortable and to avoid costly repairs!

Forgetting to Change the Air Filter

One of the most common HVAC mistakes is forgetting to change the air filter. The air filter is responsible for trapping dirt, dust, and other airborne particles that can clog the system and reduce its efficiency. It is important to check the air filter monthly and replace it as needed. This will ensure optimal efficiency and increase your indoor air quality.

Pro tip: Before you head to your local home improvement store to buy a new filter, check the size of your current filter to make sure you purchase the correct one.

Not Scheduling Seasonal Maintenance

Another common mistake homeowners make is not scheduling seasonal maintenance for their HVAC system. Seasonal maintenance helps to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently by making sure all parts are operating the way they should be. This can save you money in the long run by preventing costly repairs.

Closing the Vents

Many homeowners also make the mistake of closing vents in rooms that are not being used in an effort to save energy. However, this can actually lead to increased energy costs as the system has to work harder to circulate air. Since your HVAC system won’t know which vents are closed, it will still work to push air out of the closed vents, which can increase your energy bill and decrease your system’s efficiency. It is important to keep all vents open and unobstructed.

Turning the HVAC System off Every Time You Leave the House

Turning the HVAC system off when you leave the house is also a mistake that many homeowners make. While it may seem like a good way to save energy, it can actually put unnecessary strain on the system when you turn it back on. If you plan on leaving your home for a vacation or an extended period of time, turn the thermostat up a few degrees instead of turning it off completely.

Constantly Adjusting the Thermostat

Speaking of thermostats, constantly adjusting the thermostat is another common mistake homeowners make with their HVAC system. The thermostat controls the temperature of your home and should only be adjusted when necessary. Making frequent adjustments can cause the system to work harder than necessary and lead to increased energy costs.

Not Cleaning the Outdoor Unit

Finally, many homeowners forget to clean the outdoor unit of their HVAC system. The outdoor unit is exposed to the elements and can become clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris. This can reduce the efficiency of the system and cause it to work harder than necessary. It is important to clean the outdoor unit regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Pro tip: Try to always leave at least two feet of clearance around the outdoor unit.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can help extend the life of your HVAC system and keep your energy costs down. If you have any questions about proper maintenance or operation of your system, be sure to contact our team at  (801) 373-9440. We will be able to help you troubleshoot any problems you may be having and keep your system running smoothly for years to come.