Why is poor indoor air quality such a problem? Well, naturally, we spend more time inside than we do outside — especially under the current circumstances of today. And while we keep ourselves busy in our homes completing different tasks, there is a chance that many of us could have poor IAQ and not even realize it.

So, if you’re not too sure about how your living space’s IAQ holds up, or what could be bogging it down, here are some things to consider:

How Do I Know if I Have Poor Air Quality?

You Use Store-Bought Cleaning Agents

Many store-bought products that you use to clean your home can release harmful and hazardous chemicals. In fact, countless cleaning agents can cause irritation and discomfort in members of your family that are susceptible to respiratory issues. Additionally, the substances that lie within the formulas raise another cause for concern, since they can directly affect your air quality.

You Have Indoor Allergies

If you feel as if you’re constantly tired, sneezing, or coughing within your own home, there is a chance that you’re suffering from indoor allergies that are closely linked to poor IAQ. Sometimes, it’s because your air vents need to be cleaned, your pet is shedding excessively, or because your home is overdue for a deep cleaning. Regardless, while these might be causing the problem at hand, they may not be the root of it — which is why a professional should step in.

Has Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Seen Better Days?

If you’re struggling to get a hold on your indoor air quality, HRC Climate Services has the tools to get it back in shape. Our experts will be able to help by providing a flat rate on all of our indoor air quality improvement services.

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