Celebrate World Environment Day By Increasing Your Energy Efficiency!

world environment day

June is host to World Environment Day, which happens annually on the 5th. It was first celebrated in 1974 and was created by the United Nations as a way to spread awareness and spur action to protect the environment that we all mutually live in.

Here at HRC Climate Services, we took a close look at the recommended tips for staying cool in the summer while also being energy efficient, and we’d love to share them with you today! It isn’t as hard as you think to be energy friendly and to do your small part toward saving the planet.

Keep Your Home Cool by Stopping the Heat Before It Gets In!

Global warming with a thermometer, melting earth, and sunBefore having to take steps to cool down your home, one of the easiest ways to stay cool is to keep the heat away in the first place! There are a few suggestions from the people behind World Environment Day to help you start preventing the need to crank that air conditioner that you will want to start doing today.

First, although not an immediate cure, start by planting trees around your home. Shade trees will ultimately grow and keep the direct sunlight off of your house, as well as providing additional oxygen for the environment. Some of the most popular shade tree species are oaks, birches, willows, maples, and elms. Check with your local arborist to see what is native to your area.

According to World Environment Day, a quick and easy way to be more energy friendly while still cooling your home is to invest in some darker curtains. Simply close these curtains when you are not home or doing the warmer parts of the day to stop the heat from entering your house without having to turn down your air conditioner.

One last quick and easy tip to keep the heat away is to change your fan direction. In the summer, flip the switch down to change the rotation counterclockwise. This forces cooler air downward and will help you reduce your energy consumption with one quick and easy step.

Make Your Own Body Energy Efficient!

glass of ice waterOne of the most important things to understand about heat is that it can often be in your head!

Knowing how to lower your own internal body temperature can help you be more energy efficient and celebrate World Environment Day by being energy friendly. The easiest way to do this is by remembering to drink plenty of cold water.

The water will work quickly to reduce your temperature by a few degrees, making you less desperate to turn that air conditioner way down. It also keeps you hydrated and reduces the risk of heat stroke in these warm, Spanish Fork summers.

Stop the Cool Air from Getting Out and the Hot Air from Getting In!

a woman closing a windowAir leakage is one of the top reasons that houses don’t stay cool in the summer, and why electricity usage and bills tend to skyrocket. Air leakage is what happens when the outside air enters the home and the conditioned air leaves.

To help fight that, we looked to the people behind World Environment Day as well as the Department of Energy for some tips to identify where the air leakage is happening and how to both fix and prevent it.

To identify air leakage, check all door frames, electrical outlets, baseboards, fireplaces, and windows for any gaps or obvious cracks. An easy way to do this is on a windy day when you can simply place your hand by them and feel for any moving air.

Once you identify any potential areas of air leakage, the majority can be fixed simply by buying some caulk and weatherstripping from any hardware store. Simply seal the areas that are leaking and watch as your energy usage reduces! If you’re unsure how to accomplish any of this, contact our experts for help.

If you know anyone in Spanish Fork that has been seeking to reduce their energy usage while also staying cool in Utah this summer, please share this article. Not only can we all stay cool and save money, but we can actively celebrate World Environment Day by being kind to this world we all share together. You don’t have to choose between staying cool and being energy friendly.

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