The 4th of July is all about fun and celebrating American history. It’s one of America’s favorite holidays. It takes place during the height of summer, while many of us are on vacation, and we get to relax and spend time with our friends and loved ones.

Barbecue, parades, American flags, sparklers, roman candles, bottle rockets, fireworks and trips to the beach are what we love most about the 4th of July.

However, the holiday is not without its pitfalls and potential dangers. What follows are a few helpful tips to keep you, and your air conditioning system in good shape this 4th of July.

Hydration Is More Important Than You Think

man drinking water

Dehydration is more dangerous and detrimental to your health than many people realize. Severe dehydration can require hospitalization and the replenishment of fluids with IV bags in order to prevent organ failure.

In the summer heat, it’s easy to become dehydrated by sitting in the sun, exercising, over-exerting yourself, or simply getting too much sun exposure. Many adults also enjoy drinking alcohol during 4th of July celebrations, but alcohol can also contribute to dehydration.

Be sure to drink extra water, and if you start to feel dizzy, light-headed or unstable, go inside where it’s cool and rest, while sipping water or something with electrolytes with it, such as Gatorade. The last place you want to wind up on the 4th of July is in the ER.

Don’t Forget to Check the Air Filter

A person changing a dirty air filter

Regardless of whether it’s the 4th of July, you need to make sure your air filter is clean and in good condition at all times. Otherwise, like a fully saturated sponge, it is too full to function.

With no room, no filtration can occur. A clogged filter is like attempting to clean something with a dirty rag; it only spreads the mess. Air filters require professional cleanings periodically as well as regular replacement.

Yes, it’s a small price to pay, but think of how important it is. We’re talking about the air that you breathe. A good filter purifies the air, eliminating or greatly reducing dander, dust, allergens and other irritants. It can also remove unpleasant or lingering odors from the air, depending on the type of filter you have.

On the 4th of July, you will want to make sure your filter is in good shape in the event you’re using a grill. Smoke enters the house every time a door or window is opened. Smoke from the grill is not something you want lingering in your house. The smell is difficult to get rid of, and it can affect your long-term indoor air quality.

Schedule Maintenance Before Your Party

A technician inspecting levels in a central HVAC unit

Keep your AC system in good working over the 4th of July holiday and beyond by following your HVAC technician’s recommended repair, maintenance, and inspection regimen. This prevents small problems from turning into larger ones.

Plus, you will have a repair record on file with your contractor showing that you followed all recommended instructions and maintenance. Taking good care of your HVAC system is like taking good care of your car. Get the oil changed. Rotate the tires. Don’t skip any recommended maintenance or inspections.

In the long run, these periodic checkups will be absolutely worth the effort. If you are looking for a professional HVAC contractor with a good reputation, look no further than HRC Climate Services. Our HVAC contractors are ready to make sure you enjoy the best 4th of July.