Valentine’s Day is the best time of year for that romantic out there. Candlelit dinners, flowers, presents, and plenty of good times.

So if things do make it back to your place, is your central HVAC system ready to keep up with the conditions? While it could be your hot date or that extra glass of wine kicking in, if you start sweating at home, chances are there might be an issue with your air conditioner.

No one wants the temperatures too hot or too cold – you want it just right to keep the night going. So how can you protect your home and enjoy year-round comfort? Who knew that regular HVAC services were the key to happiness!

Central HVAC vs. Unpredictable Weather

three central HVAC units

It doesn’t matter what’s going on outside. Your home can be completely freezing, or utterly sweltering any time of year if your Central HVAC system is out of whack.

Heating and cooling systems seem to ignore the laws of physics and ignore all logic, having a mind of their own, and those minds are typically devious.

How to get a Central HVAC system under control? Pay attention to the warning signs! Your system will often give you a warning before it goes on the fritz, with easy symptoms like:

  • Higher than usual energy bills.
  • Fluctuating temperatures.
  • System cycles on and off continually.
  • Poor indoor air quality.
  • Overall discomfort in your home.

As soon as you notice a problem, you can find a solution. Central HVAC systems are popular because of the amount of control they give you over the indoor climate of your home. So be sure you remain happy with consistent care and service.

Heating Services: Heartless!

HVAC technician working on ductwork

Have you ever had to sit down and have an honest, albeit uncomfortable conversation with one of your friends to let him or her know that their significant other doesn’t seem to genuinely care about them?

Sometimes, we fall in love with someone and put blinders on. We see all the good and none of the bad. Well, unfortunately, it’s time we had that same conversation about your heating system.

Your heating system doesn’t care about you. If you woke up on Christmas morning, with a full house of people expected to come over within a few hours, and absolutely no heat, do you think your heating system would care? Not one bit!

In fact, your heating system would probably enjoy the ensuing chaos. Absolutely heartless! What can you do to confront your cruel heating system and get it to change its cold ways? Now is the time to involve an HVAC technician.

Like Dr. Phil, a trained HVAC technician will teach your heating system the error of its ways and return your heating services to the way it should be. Call a member of HRC Climate Services’ team and never wake up freezing on a holiday morning, or any other morning, again.

Your AC Filter Demands Love!

A person changing a dirty air filter

Your AC filter performs a huge service. It keeps the air circulating throughout your home clean, filtered, purified, and free of dust, dirt, allergens, and grease.

It is of the utmost importance that you have regular maintenance done on your AC vents, which should be cleaned often, and have your AC filter replaced as needed. Otherwise, the filters become blocked after dirt and debris become trapped and accumulate, preventing proper airflow.

This allows contaminated air to circulate throughout your home, thus entirely defeating the purpose of the filter. Your filter just needs a little love. Hire an HVAC contractor to take care of your AC vents and filters. A little love goes a long way, as far as filters are concerned.

So, if you’ve gone through your HVAC checklist to make sure your system is properly taken care of, from your heating and cooling to your AC filter, then you should treat yourself to a glass of fine wine; Valentine’s Day or not. After all, responsible homeownership (or home “rentership”) should be rewarded.