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5 Signs That Could Indicate a Furnace Problem

Is your furnace in good shape for the winter season? The wrong time to wish you had been able to identify a problem is after the furnace dies during the frigid winter months. The good news is that there are plenty of signs that might indicate an impending problem, which allows you to get repair right away and avoid the need to bundle up while you and your family wait for a repairman to arrive.

1: Scary Sounds

All furnaces make a little bit of noise, but when that familiar whoosh of air turns into loud, strange banging, groaning, or whining noises, it’s usually a signal that you have a problem. Fortunately if you call for repairs when you first hear these noises, you can call a furnace repair company right away and it may be as simple as replacing a belt or other component that is close to failure. Waiting too long could cause these parts to fail, which might be a more costly repair.

2: Constantly Increasing the Temperature

If it seems like you have to crank the temperature up higher and higher every day just to keep a normal temperature in your home, or your bills are slowly creeping up each month, it could be an issue with your furnace. The ducts may be leaking, there may be issues with your pilot light, or it could just mean that your furnace is reaching the end of its useful life and can’t keep up with your demands.

3: Yellow Pilot Light

A normal pilot light on the furnace should burn with a blue flame, indicating the ideal balance of gases. When you see a yellow pilot light it’s a red flag that your furnace is potentially putting out carbon monoxide (CO), a dangerous gas that is entirely odorless and can cause death in severe cases of CO poisoning.

4: Furnace Starting and Stopping Frequently

Have you noticed that the furnace seems to be starting and stopping more frequently than usual? There are a few things that could be going on here, including:

  • Problems with the thermostat
  • Wiring that is faulty
  • A pilot light that requires replacement
  • The need for fan motor repairs

5: Poor Air Quality

One of the functions of your furnace is to filter out allergens in the air. If you notice that your family seems to have a higher incidence of asthma, allergies, or other respiratory illness, your furnace might not be doing its job filtering out things like dust and mold. You can start by replacing the furnace filter, but the problem may go beyond that to require professional repairs.

Talk to a furnace repair company today if you notice these signs to avoid any problems that will leave you freezing and without your heater during winter season.

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