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4 Reasons to Tune Up Your Furnace Now

With the tail end of summer still in the air, you might not really be thinking about the upcoming cold weather, but if you haven’t thought about your furnace, now is actually the best time to do it. During the in-between seasons, when the weather isn’t really that hot and it’s not yet cold, it’s the perfect time to call a place like HRC Climate Service and have them perform a quick tune-up. Here are four reasons to do it right now.

You Could Save Money

Getting your furnace tuned up could actually save you a lot of money. When you have it examined by the pros, they will ensure proper airflow, which will avoid unnecessary strain on the appliance. This kind of strain means your furnace is working hard than it should be, coming on more often than you would expect, and wasting energy (as well as your hard-earned money). Having it tuned up early could save you from spending more over the course of the cold winter months.

It Keeps Your Family and Home Safe

When your furnace is running, it’s burning fuel to produce heat. Under normal circumstances, this is perfectly safe and your furnace will heat your home without any problems. As the furnace gets older, though, even small problems could lead to potentially dangerous consequences, such as leaking gas, dangerous carbon monoxide levels, or an increased risk of fire. A furnace professional can check for these things and recommend repairs to keep you safe.

It Limits Downtime and Repairs

If you have never experienced a broken heater in the middle of a freezing winter, this is probably not the year that you want that to happen. It’s cold and miserable for you and your family while you wait for a heating contractor to come and repair it. While many HVAC contractors are available for 24/7 service, they are often very busy when the weather is coldest, so you could still be waiting a while for them to show up.

You Won’t Risk Voiding the Warranty

A furnace often comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that ensures if you got a product that doesn’t work like it should, or breaks down sooner than you might expect, which is great to help you protect your peace of mind. An annual furnace checkup by a professional means the manufacturer won’t be able to void your warranty by saying you didn’t meet the stipulations
for regular maintenance.

Before the weather gets cold and you’re stuck with a broken or inefficient furnace, call the HVAC professionals at HRC Climate Services for a tune up today.

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