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3 Strategies to Improve Indoor Air Quality

When people think about air pollution, things like factories, carbon dioxide emissions and smog come to mind. This type of pollution that can be most impactful for your health isn’t always on such a large scale, though. Sometimes the worst air that you are breathing could be coming from right inside your home.

Indoor air pollution is a real concern in every household, but unlike other health risks, you can do something about this problem. With the right set of strategies, homeowners can improve the quality of the air in a home, which can help improve the health of you and your family. Here are three basic strategies you can employ for clean air inside.

Pollution Source Control

The first strategy is to remove or, at the very least, control the source of pollution indoors. For older homes you should have an inspector come and determine if you have any asbestos (if you do, it’s important that you have it removed right away), and check the enclosure or sealing on gas stoves. These two things might be causing significant pollution issues inside your home and should be taken care of immediately.

Another common source of pollution indoors are air conditioning or heating systems with dusty, unclean filters that can trigger asthma attacks and other allergies.

Ventilation Adjustments

Improving your ventilation system is also an effective strategy in controlling the amount of indoor air pollutants. You should have your HVAC system cleaned regularly to ensure that the air it’s pushing through is healthy, clean air, and is not part of the pollution problem. Removing any buildup of dust and will keep these appliances in optimal condition.

Pay attention to short-term activities that generate indoor air pollutants as well, such as painting, cooking with gas-consuming equipment, and welding. When doing any of these, be sure to turn on fans to circulate the air and open windows to avoid confining the pollutants in an enclosed area.

Installation of Air Cleaners

It pays to install air cleaners at home as well. These devices are useful in trapping air pollutants and releasing clean air. As long as you choose a product that has a good filtering element and a high circulation rate, your home will undoubtedly have much cleaner indoor air.

At HRC Climate Services, we can help you with improving your ventilation and installing air cleaners. Our team will provide suggestions on what you need to improve your home’s indoor air quality. From there, we can help supply the products and provide the services you need to control the risk of air pollution. Contact us to learn more about what we offer.

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