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3 Simple Steps to Save Money on Energy This Summer

The summer months are coming, which means the temperatures are going to rise along with your utility bills. While you might be tempted to just shut off the AC and suffer through the heat to save a little money, there are actually easier (and more comfortable) ways to save reduce energy use in summer. Here are three simple steps you can take today that can pay off big time in the coming months.

Step 1: Get a Programmable Thermostat

If you have an air conditioning unit in Salt Lake City that is running all the time, it’s probably sucking your bank account dry. Air conditioning usually accounts for about 40 to 50 percent of your home’s monthly electricity bills, but if you’re setting it the old fashioned way with a manual temperature setting, it might be even higher. Programmable thermostats allow you to set the AC to be on when you are home and off while you are away, which can cut down significantly on your total air conditioning usage. Remember not to set it too cold, instead keeping it around 78 degrees for even more savings.

Step 2: Get Your AC Checked and Serviced

Unless you just got a brand new air conditioner installed in Utah, chances are yours is not running as efficiently as possible. Inefficient air conditioners could be costing you a lot of money and the easiest way to achieve better efficiency is through maintenance checkups and repairs. If your air conditioner is older, consider installing a new AC in Utah with higher energy efficiency ratio (EER) for even more savings. The easiest way to tell that it’s an energy efficient unit is to check for the ENERGY STAR rating.

Step 3: Take Steps to Minimize Heat Around the House

Avoid cooking with your stove or oven on particularly hot days, since adding heat to your home causes your AC to kick on more often. The majority of heat inside your home comes from the sun shining through windows and onto the roof, so consider getting a protective coating applied to your roof that will reflect heat, and add curtains or window treatments that will block direct sunlight. You can also run fans to circulate the air in your home and make it feel cooler without turning on the AC, or spend more time in the basement where it can be 10 or more degrees cooler.

Taking a few simple steps now can help you keep costs down through the hottest months of the summer. To find out more about energy efficient air conditioners in Utah, or to get maintenance and repairs on your unit, call HRC Climate Services today.

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