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3 HVAC Maintenance Tips to Stay Cool and Thrifty this Summer

It can be expensive to maintain comfortable temperature levels indoors, especially if you live somewhere with extreme weather conditions through the winter and summer. As the heat rises this summer, don’t forget these three tips to properly care for your HVAC units and to cut down on waste. The end result will be a smaller energy bill and a more comfortable living environment.

  1. Pay attention to the environment surrounding your HVAC unit. Sun and debris will weather your unit prematurely or damage it permanently. Your unit should be in the shade as much as possible to keep the hardware cool and help it run more smoothly. Be aware that debris from foliage, if allowed to get into the unit, will cause permanent damage to you costly investment, so keep it clear of shrubbery and out of the way of trees with a high degree of shed during the Fall.
  2. Keep an eye on those vents.
    If you don’t want to breathe it, don’t let it in the air vents. It can be hard, especially with children, to make sure nothing bad gets into your vents, but it’s important to consider that debris and trash near the vents can present problems down the line with your indoor air quality. Also remember keep all the vents open. If there are rooms in the home that are unaccountably warm, there could be a closed vent in that room that was never reopened after cleaning or something else.
  3. Use fans to flush out hot air.
    It’s common knowledge that heat rises, so make use of fans to clear out that hot air and keep the cool air circulating through the home. This is a way to help your HVAC unit run more efficiently as well by evening out the overall temperature in the home.

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